Training and Course Schedule

Types of classes.
Our 3-hour long class is from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. A light refreshment is included in the price.
Our 2-day long class is from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day. Breakfast and lunch are included in the price

The class is taught at UH Small Business Development Center, 2302 Fannin, Suite 200. Click here for pictures of the class and the location.

Refund Policy: If you want a refund, you must notify me three days before the class to receive full refund.

We provide our students with a 30 days after class support. We want you to succeed in your career and will help you get where you need to be.

Specials – Returning students get a 10% on all of our classes. Email me to get a special link for registration. The discount is not transferrable.

Financial Assistance: If you have financial needs and want to attend one of my classes, email me. I am happy to register you without charge.

Course Date Cost Status New Student Returning Student
Excel Level I 12/14/2011 $75 Full Closed
4/11/2012 $75 Open
Excel Level II 1/25/2012 $75 Open
Excel Level III 2/8/2012 $75 Open Register Discounts
Access Level I 2/22/2012 $75 Open Register Discounts
Access Level II 3/14/2012 $75 Open Register Discounts
Access Level III 3/28/2012 $75 Open Register Discounts





Power Data Analysis 2/23-2/24 $550 Open Register
Excel VBA 3/29-3/30 $550 Open Register
Dashboard Reporting Using Excel 4/19-4/20 $550 Open Register

Excel Level I
Getting Started
Managing the Worksheet
Modifying Columns and Rows
Entering Data
Formatting Cells Worksheets
Using Formulas
Analyzing and Organizing Data
Sharing Worksheets with Other Users
Printing Worksheets

Excel Level II
Brief Refresher on Excel Level I
Create Dynamic Worksheets by Using Pivot Tables
Create Charts and Graphics
Using Advance Formulas
Customize Workbooks

Excel Level III
Brief Refresher on Excel Level I and II
Automating Repetitive Tasks by Using Macros
Introduction to Visual Basic Application
Working with Others Microsoft Office Program
Collaborating with Colleagues

Access Level I
Explore an Access Database
Create Databases and Simple Tables
Create Simple Queries
Create Simple Forms
Display Data
Create Simple Reports

Access Level II
Brief Refresher on Access Level I
Maintain Data Integrity
Establish Relationships
Create Custom Forms
Create Queries
Create Custom Reports
Import and Export Data

Access Level III
Customize Forms
Advance Queries
Macros and VBA in Access
Customize Reports
Create a Switchboard
Application Security
Application Maintenance

Power Data Analysis in Access Boot Camp for Excel Analysts
Prerequisite: This is an advance class. Participants are recommended to come with prior advance knowledge in Excel and Access

Brief Overview of Excel and Access
Transforming Your Data with Access
Working with Calculations and Dates
Performing Conditional Analysis
Advanced Subqueries
Running Descriptive Statistics in Access
Scheduling and Running Batch Analysis
Using VBA to Enhance Data Analysis
Advanced Visualizations for Queries and Reports
Integrating Excel and Access