“When I first started attending your classes, I wasn’t familiar at all with Excel. I have now attended a few of your classes, and I’m known as the “Excel expert” in my department. I’ve been able to complete more and more complex Excel tasks over the last year and it’s all because of your classes (and a little practice). I think this is a great service that you provide and without it – I would not be able to do my job as effectively. I have also been able to recommend your classes to my workmates and this has helped them too.

I cannot say how much I appreciate your efforts. ” ~Matthew M., Coordinator

“I took an Excel class in the Spring and learned a lot about pivotTables and new tricks.  You are a great teacher and I really enjoyed your class” ~Debra P., Internet Services

“I like your [Introduction to Excel] courses.  Since I am not an expert, I always walk away learning a thing or two.  And reinforcement on what I already know.  I always enjoy it because it’s no pressure.   [The classes] are very educational and practical. I look forward to be able to attend more in the future.” ~Ingrid A., Sr. Accounting Clerk

“I had taken your Excel class for beginners.  Having already been a user [of Excel], I was afraid this would be too basic of a class and be bored, but I wasn’t!  You made the class move quickly, kept it interesting, and showed me a lot of shortcuts that I wasn’t aware of. The new skills have been very useful to me in setting up spreadsheets.  I look forward to having more time to be able to take another class with you in the future.  Thank you for taking time in your busy days to make these sessions available for us!” ~Diana H., Executive Assistant

[More testimonials and pictures are coming soon…]