Finance Express Online was founded by Vivian Truong, a Certified Public Accountant. Companies that hire Vivian to create customized applications get a developer and a CPA for the price of one. Vivian understands informational technology, knows what it takes to create a functional tool, and is able to communicate the solutions in dollars and real value. Vivian saves you money and time. She self-manages and does not believe in re-work. Why hire a full time CPA and developer when you can just hire Vivian on a project basis?

Companies that hire Vivian can rest assured that the projects will be delivered on schedule and to specifications because she is both the financial expert and developer. She will ask questions that normally don’t get asked by an average developer. She will see problems not seen by a regular CPA. By nature of her being both a developer and a CPA, she sees solutions and implements process improvements very quickly.

In her spare time, Vivian teaches computer courses on Excel, Access, and Visual Basic Application. One of her students said that Vivian has a “knack” for making technology easy and fun.  For a nominal fee, her students are able to quickly get the skills they need and become the resident experts on Excel and Access in their companies. Some of Vivian’s students have even created their own solutions to improve business processes in their companies.

Finance Express Online is a platform where Vivian tries to weave the gap between IT and Finance. It is also a place where Vivian shares with her readers many tips and tricks to help individuals grow their businesses, aspiring leaders to prosper in their careers, and everyone to learn something new about the economy, finance, taxes, and other financial related news.

This is a fun and exciting place to be. Vivian invites her readers to reach out to her at FinanceExpressOnline@hotmail.com.  Email her about a course you’re interested in taking, a project you want her to help, or just to ask, “how do you do this….?”. If she does not know the answer to your questions, she will find someone who does!

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