Is it your job or your company’s job to train you?

In a recent Fast Company’s article, it is estimated that there are over 3 million vacant jobs with 14 million people unemployed in the US. Companies are reluctant to hire citing a lack of technical skills in mathematics, technology, and science.  The article suggests corporate America pay more for training.  In the long term, it is beneficial for companies to pay to train employees. A skillful employee brings in more revenue by increasing his/her productivity and efficiency on the clock.

The sad reality is, most companies in this economy do not have the resources and the money to pay for more training. And, some fail to see the long term benefit. Instead, they will do simple math to conclude that heck, there are 14 unemployed Americans! They can and will fill the 3 million vacancies.

Yes, it would be nice for these companies to pay for employee training, but it is not their job. In this employer market, it is your job to get yourself adequate training. There are just so much to learn out there. Pick up a book, watch a webinar, or attend a training course. I am a huge proponent of training not only because I do Microsoft Office Application training but because I see the results first hand. My students have become wizards in their companies. Why not you? And, you don’t have to attend my class. There are many other good training sites out there.

With a little bit of patience, determination, and start-up costs, you can train yourself to a new job or promotion.

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