My social media make-over campaign

I learned a lot from the Texas Conference for Women today. I even had a chance to meet with people from LinkedIn. They reviewed my profile and gave some great suggestions.  After the “makeover”, I felt better about my social media presence. Granted I still have a lot to do.

If you are not yet on LinkedIn, I encourage you to get on it. It is a free service that has helped many people to stay connected, find jobs, and add value to existing and new businesses.

Once you’re on there, before you do anything, upload a professional picture of yourself. Studies show that profiles with a picture are 70% more likely to be reviewed by interested parties. Next, add a summary to create a visual presentation of who you are. Go to the “Advance” button to get connected to people in your networks.

Answer questions posed by groups you joined to establish yourself as an expert on the subject area you know. This is the area where I am still needing to push myself to be more active and engaged. I consider myself a MS Excel and MS Access expert and financial know-how person but I still need an extra push to answer questions in these groups. I will work on it. 🙂

Use the “Reading List by Amazon” to share your latest reading materials. I post my required readings for the MBA program on there. You can even provide comments and recommendations. It’s a great way to show that you’re an avid reader. Please use your best judgement. I obviously don’t want my clients and prospective employers to know I’m a voracious reader of the latest vampire romance novel. I’m not. I’m just using this as an example.

Here is a list of 100+ tips from LinkedIn.

Your presence on Facebook also needs to be strategic. I have several groups of “friends”. There are “acquaintances”, “family”, “co-workers from work”, and “personal friends”. In each of these groups, I predefined the security attributes on what they can write about me,  tag me, and how much and often can they see my posts.

Police your own social media activity but do allow these tools to bring you to the next level in your career.

You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.  I certainly can help you get off the ground and point you to books and resources that can jump start your own social media makeover campaign.

Here is a picture of me and Samantha Ettus, a personal branding expert, bestselling author and TV personality.

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