How to create a Gantt Chart in Excel to keep track of your projects

My next MBA class is about making decisions. Part of making good decisions is the ability to track progress and assess their outcome.  A Gantt chart is one of the many ways to do so. Click here to see Wikipedia’s definition of a Gantt chart.

In this blog, I’d like to share a video on how to create a Gantt chart in Excel.

Rather than re-creating the work, I am going to point you to this Youtube video that teaches you how to do that!  The videoblogger is a great instructor.  If there were a sample Excel file that you can download to view his work, it would have been a lot more helpful.

Here is my attempt.  If you used this file along with his instructions, you should have no trouble creating your awesome Gantt chart to wow your boss.

You can also use this to track shift schedule.  Instead of tasks, enter names  and instead of dates, use time of the day.

There are so many other ways you can use this in your daily work life.  If you’re in sales, you can use this to see the performance against target of your sales managers.

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