Camera tool for Excel

Did you know you can take a picture in Excel?  And, unlike the picture you took from your point and shoot, the picture will update on its own when and if you make a change to the original shot.

If you don’t see the camera tool, go to the Office Button > Excel Options > Customize > All Commands (under Choose commands from) and select Camera from the list.

To capture a picture, highlight the section where you want to shoot then click on the camera.  Go to another spot in the file and hit paste.

The camera tool is useful for scaling multiple sections of data together.  It is also useful for building a dashboard which I will blog about one day.

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2 Responses to Camera tool for Excel

  1. poindextr says:

    awesome! I’m going to start using this!!! thanks for the helpful tip 🙂

  2. Nanoo Dewji says:

    That’s terrific – thank you for sharing.

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