Things to do in Houston in September

  1. Thursday, September 8 – Community Conversations about 9/11
    Remembrance and Honor: Why do we remember? How do we honor?, Thursday,
    Journey to Hope: How do we heal the wounds?
    More information:

  1. September 9 & 10- The Houston Museum of African-American Culture hosts a symposium on “Africans in America.” More information at
  2. September 9 & 10- 15th Annual Grand Taiko Concert at Miller Outdoor Theater. More information:
  3. Sunday, September 11 – Rice University hosts an In Memoriam choral concert: Stude Hall, 4pm.  Mozart’s Requiem. This event is free and popular. Arrive early to get good seats.
  4. Tuesday, September 13  – Community Conversations about 9/11 – How to move from anger to forgiveness.

More information:

  1. Discovery Green – There’s so many to list. Check it out at
  2. Diversity Talk: The Nature of Race – How Scientists Think and Teach about Human Difference – Thursday, September 15, 2011, at Baker Institute.  More information at
  3. Jazz Fest in Kemah – Septmber 17 and 18
  4. Wine Fest in Kemah – Septmber 24 from 2PM to 5 PM

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