Don’t get hook on daily deal sites

I love a good deal which is why I was very  fond of daily sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and BuyWithMe until I found out I could no longer manage my spending habits. I used to check these sites daily to buy vouchers to eat half off or receive manicure and pedicure service at a steep discount.  Overtime, I found myself buying for services or products I seldom use because of the allure of the discount.

About a few months ago, I traveled to the Woodlands (45 minutes away from my house) to redeem a Groupon I bought.  What was it for? The Groupon was a $30 voucher to buy products at an upscale condiment store.  I walked around the store several times because I could not decide what I can buy with just $30. Everything in the store was expensive.  I ended up buying a bottle of vinegar costing $22 and something else for $15. So, I spent another $7 to buy something I normally would not have bought.  The bottle of vinegar sits in my refrigerator unopened. In addition, I wasted a few gallons of gas to travel to this store not including the angst I endured during the trip. It was not a good day for me that day. Another time, I bought two movie tickets and forgot to use them.  Worse, Time Magazine reported that 1 out of 5 daily deal vouchers are never used. That was enough for me to stop me from accumulating more daily deal vouchers.

As a consumer, I ended up losing on these online purchases.  As Time Magazine noted, these daily deal vouchers are not like clipping coupons. The vouchers have limitations that we often miss because we fail to read the fine lines.  A friend of mine hurriedly bought a voucher to a Bed and Breakfast hoping to get away from the city. In her excitement, she did not see the note indicating that the voucher can only be used from Monday to Thursday.  Her plan did not start until Friday.

I am not discouraging you from using these daily deal sites to get good deals.  But, do what I now try to do, only buy deals you will use and can use.

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