Use online planners to help you keep track of your busy life

I love to write lists. I have a list of things to do daily.  I keep a detail listing of events and activities using an online planner. Then every day, I transfer my listing to a piece of paper so I can have it in writing. For me, the act of physically striking out a completed task is very satisfying.  It works for me but it does take some effort.  Nonetheless, I cannot go without my online planner.  It is dynamic, updateable, easy to use, color coded, sharable, and accessible.

Here are a few online planners you can use to maximize your time management. –  this syncs with Outlook and has mobile access – has limited mobile access on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc and is single user only (i.e. your calendar cannot be shared with others) – allows multi-user with many synchronizations

Alternatively, if you have Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, or GMail, you can also use their calendaring service to fill your needs.

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