Conserve water or face fines in the City of Houston

There is a drought in our city.  It does not rain much or when it does it is not long enough.  The grass on my lawn looks yellowish and scary-looking.  We water it at least every other day but it still looks like it needs help. My water bill has consistently been very high.

At this rate, our water reservoir is taking a hit as the heat is inducing us to use more water and the drought does not help.  The City just started a program to conserve water.  We can now only water (yards) 2 days a week, depending on your house address, and from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m.

If your house is even-numbered, you are allowed to water on Sat (8 p.m.) to Sunday (10 am) and on Wednesday (8 p.m.) to Thursday (10 am).

If your house is odd-numbered, you are allowed to water on Friday (8 p.m.) to Saturday (10 am) and on Tuesday (8 p.m.) to Wednesday(10 am).

More information here.

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