Hurricane Season

In recent years, Texas has gotten better with its public announcement about hurricane season and preparation for it.  Companies, schools, and churches are urging members to prepare for hurricane season.  Click here to view NOAA’s 2011 Atlantic hurrican season outlook.  It takes only one disaster to wipe out any personal savings we have.  Take stock of your family medical needs and living situations to mitigate any unfortunate events. Here is a basic checklist of health-related items to include for each family member:

  • Insurance card
  • Social Security
  • ID & Name badge including name, address, phone, numbers (include emergency contacts)
  • Copies of medical records
  • List of primary care doctors and phone numbers
  • Known prescription medication and doses
  • List of allergies
  • A properly stored, 30-day supply of prescription medications.
  • Non-prescription drugs such as pain relievers and others
  • Any personal items such as eyeglasses and other special equipment
  • Style, model and serial numbers for any medical devices

More information is available at FEMA. I have been stocking up lots and lots of water.  If you watch for it, CVS has great deals on bottled water.  Sometimes, it costs only five cents for a bottle. And, Kroger and HEB usually have good deals on canned food. 

I admit I am not as ready as I should be.  I plan to use next weekend to get ready.  A lot of it is already done, however. I started doing this for my family two years ago. I will just be updating old information and replacing expired items.  And, I have a list of things I absolute need to have for my family.  The items are scattered around the house but if disaster strikes, I can collect them fast.  Unfortunately, I don’t live alone.  Things are not always where they should be.  That’s what I need to check.

I don’t like disasters. No one does.  But, if I can do anything to control the extent of the disaster to spare lives and mitigate costs, it is worthwhile.

In her book, The money coach’s guide to your first million :7 smart habits to building the wealth of your dreams, Khalfani-Cox listed six dreaded Ds that could potentially cripple our savings.  They are – downsizing, divorce, disability, disease, death of a family member, and she saved the worse for last, disaster.  A bad hurricane is a disaster waiting to happen.

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