Finance Works is 8 months old

When I started this blog on January 4, 2011, I thought I would blog about creating financial models, programming in Microsoft Access, and Accounting.  Eight months later, my blog is not as focused as would like it to.  I like to develop financial applications and tools while using accounting guidelines but I also like so many other things.  Right now, as you can obviously tell, I am very much interested in learning about personal savings with the aim of having a comfortable retirement.  Blogging is a great way to cement what I read and put it in practice. It is easy to just read about putting $50 more in your savings.  It is a lot more difficult to write about it. Once it is in writing, however, it is a commitment.  It is harder to back out of a committment. Writing (or blogging) has that effect.

I am not sure where this blog is taking me but I am excited to let it roll.  The Director of Employee Benefits at  work recently told me, “your blog created a [positive] stir”.  🙂 I was not looking to stir anything but I like it.


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