Caller ID Spoofing

I first heard about spoofing on NPR tonight. Caller ID spoofing is a scheme designed to trick cellphone voicemail system into thinking a call is made from the owner’s cellphone to avoid using a password to access the voicemail.  This was how the “journalists” at now defunct News of the World corporation illegally accessed the voicemail of celebrities and other victims.

It is reported that phone service providers ATT, T Mobil, and Sprint do not require customers to use a password to access their voicemail making them vunerable to malicious attacks.  Verizon is the only phone company that requires a password to access voicemail.  If you are with ATT, T Mobil, and Sprint, call your provider to ask them to fix this problem by securing your voicemail with a password.

For all of my problems with Verizon (uh, like the way they willy nilly reduced my bi-annual benefits from $100 to $50), I’m for one happy Verizon is doing the right thing in this matter.


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