Student Internship Announcement (Deadline Friday June 24, 2011)

DEADLINE:                    Friday June 24, 2011

APPLY CONTACT:       Send resume to Donna M. Blackshear-Reynolds:




Audience:            Fall 2011 – College Junior and Seniors

Spring 2012 – College Sophomores (or higher)

Major(s):               Accounting,  Economics,  Finance,

Government, Math,  Public Policy

GPA:                      3.0  or higher (no exceptions)


College Junior and Senior students interested in Full-time Fall 2011 semester internships in Houston working at NASA Johnson Space Center.

College Sophomore (or higher) students interested in Spring 2012 semester or part-time internships for 1 year.


  • Experience, not required but a plus (working at your college or other kinds of positions relating to budget).
  • Students with excellent work ethic, integrity, who love to learn, have a positive attitude, work well on teams, and enjoy figuring things out on their own.
  • Students known for going the extra mile and would enjoy this challenging internship.

To apply, for this very selective program, send resume (3.0 GPA or higher)  to Donna M. Blackshear-Reynolds (

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