My Saturday Morning

I signed up, through a local charity, to teach financial literacy to underserved families. Usually, it involves an hour of me talking and sharing some tips and tricks on savings, direct deposits, and coupon clippings. This time it was different. Instead of my usual approach, I asked the participants to share their life stories.

Within just 15 minutues into it, I realized to myself, “My goodness! These people are my teachers and I am their student.”

Before the participants came to my class, they were in good financial health. For one reason or another, they got to where they are because they did not foresee unexpected and disastrous events that cripple their finances.

One by one, they taught me what I came to teach them – save, save save!

I am grateful for that opportunity. Surprisingly, they stayed after class and asked me when my next training will be. I gently told them, “That depends on what you’re teaching me next”.

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