What good is your data when you can not do anything to it?

Just a word of advice to my colleagues – send your data file in anything but PDF or Word (or anything that could not easily be summarized).  What good is the data when you cannot analyze it in any graphical form or summary level? Without the ability to manipulate the data, those files are useless.  I cannot understand why some analysts waste their time and effort on making files pretty with fancy colors when all the end users want is something to analyze.  There is a time and place for making your reports pretty; however, if they do not answer the questions asked, it does not help looking at “pretty” reports.

Today, I spent a few minutes helped a faculty put many pages of data in a Word document into a chart.  He did not know how to approach it. The report was pretty but it did not do anything for him.  I had to extract the data into Excel and graphed it.  Had it not been for the find function, this task would have taken the already busy clinician hours to do – which is NOT what we want.

🙂 Happy Tuesday.

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