I’m in L.O.V.E with Visual Basic 2010

Call me  a nerd but I absolutely love Visual Basic 2010.  Visual Basic 2010 is  a programming language used by and for many Windows operating systems and their applications such as Excel and Access. I do not know why I did not take the time to learn this before.

Visual Basic will help my existing applications and products in Access and Excel more interactive, powerful, and user friendly.

For anyone who is interested in learning about VB or VBA, I highly recommend Visual Basic 2010″ by David Schneider.  I have gone through 6 VB books and found none of them useful and easy to understand – except this one. I have used VB/VBA before but was not interested in it beyond what I needed it to do.  Now, I can see I have been missing so much.

Please shoot me an email if you are stuck when reading this book or want to know what VB or VBA can do.  I would love to teach a VBA class in the future, if and when I am not too busy.

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