I am so glad it’s Friday today.  I want to take this opportunity to thank readers of my blog.  In recent days, my blog is viewed 80 times or more a day. I cannot tell if that is 80 or more viewers or 80 repeated views by a few readers.  Regardless, it makes me happy.

I want to thank the 4 or 5 managers who care enough about their employees to call me and ask, “Vivian, what can we do to help my employees learn Excel and Access?”  I wish I have a simple answer to that question.  All I can say is, if you want to increase your departments’ productivity, you need to invest financial resources and time in your employees.

My manager believes in giving me the tools and the resources I need to do my job well. She never hesitates to approve my requests to attend trainings to equip me with the tools I need and to help improve some business processes in our department.

So, if you are determined to help your employees achieve their goals, do what good managers do. Your employees will be grateful; they will show it in their work products.

Have a great weekend.

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