Do we want to retire rich or broke?

A recent survey at our institution shows that a whopping 30% of respondents answered they do not think about their retirement.

One of the many great things about working here is that we get a defined contribution when we retire from here after a certain number of years. But, that should not prevent us from saving money to retire with dignity.

TRS alone will not be enough. And, for most of us, Social Security may or may not be around when we retire.  Dave Ramsey challenged everyone to put $500 more in their retirement savings.  That is just what I did.  Five hundred dollars is a lot of money.  But, I am going to cut my cable, ride the bus 2 days a week, eat out less, shop less, and live frugally.

To learn more about retirement, attend one of the seminars. You can search for the schedule here on my blog.

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