David Bach’s Book

My dad has a common surgery procedure the other day. While I waited for him in the waiting room, I read David Bach’s “Debt Free for Life” to find material for my blog. When I was a young child, I always joked that I would become a millionaire when I turn 30. Well, I am going to be 30 in a few short years but I am no where near that million. I even had forgotten that goal until now. I wish I had common sense back then to save but I did not. I began to regret the lost years but I realize there is nothing I can do about it now.  It is never too late to start today.

I am going to summarize a few chapters in his book today and tomorrow.  I think these chapters are important to share.

The majority of Bach’s book is about common sense and making hard choices. I bet if you picked up Bach’s book today you would find that you already knew 70% of the materials covered in the book. There is nothing new in Ramsey’s teachings  either. If you can, check out the Financial  Peace University class being offered at work.  Check it out on HR website or send me an email. Bach and Ramsey both tell you to save, to pay off your debt, and to live below your means.  However, they are good because they explain it in details and in layman’s language.  They even prescribe a written plan for you to attack your debts in a very, I think, methodical manner.

I will also try to share what I read from David Bach’s book “The Automatic Millionaire”.

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