9 ways to save big bucks

  1. Form a cooking co-op – I don’t think this will work for me as I’m a bit picky of what I eat and I eat way too much for anyone to be willing to be in a co-op with me.
  2. Find free entertainment – I will share how I do this on 1/14/11.  A friend of mine is always amazed at how I can find free events around town.
  3. Use the public library – I’m a regular (unfortunately, I don’t actually read the books I checked out. That’s irony. Haha)
  4. Bargain shop I can do more here but cutting coupons, shopping for sale items, eating out at half price are my things.
  5. Communicate cheaply Use services like Skype or Facebook to stay in touch for free or low costs. When I was in India, I called my mom at least once a day for 20 minutes for 10 cents using Skype.
  6. Weatherize the house
  7. Raise the deductibles I cut my insurance by $100 by doing this.
  8. Time the vacationsThis is my biggest downfall.  I am DETERMINED to not travel this year. (Well, except for that one vacation ….hehe)
  9. Negotiate Not yet done.

For more details, go here.

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