If you can’t afford it, put it down

My oh my. I laughed so hard when I saw a book with that title by Christine Romans on Sunday at Barnes and Noble.  It is not easy, isn’t it? It’s not easy to put something down when we can’t afford it. It is especially harder to put it down BECAUSE we can’t afford it. Our needs and wants are just much greater when we don’t have the money to buy that pair of shoes at Macy’s or that new iPad at the Apple store.

And, the newness of having those shoes will wear off and there is always something better and sleeker to replace this generation iPad. What do we do, buy the next best thing? So, I guess it is better to put it down, for now at least, until we can afford it.

Christine Romans has four principles worth sharing:
1. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.
2. If you can’t afford it, put it down.
3. Always save first
4.  Don’t live within your means, live below them *

I like item #4 the most because it’s not something we hear everyday. Well, it’s a new day today. Make it happen. I’m going to definitely try.

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